In September last year, the Football Association vowed to say that the Chinese Super League will be established around the end of November and officially listed in December. However, after the national football lost to Syria in mid-November, the professional league was silent. Recently, the convener of the professional league, the CEO of R&F and Huang Shenghua, the trader, have spoken one after another, urging "each organization to implement what they have promised as soon as possible and hand over the rights to the market." The CEOs of 11 clubs other than R&F have also expressed their support and jointly named A letter to the General Administration of Sports expressed its appeal. The media referred to this incident as "G12". Chinese football, which had just been calm for a while due to the epidemic, broke up again.

去年9月,足协发誓说中国超级联赛将在11月底左右成立,并于12月正式上市。但是,在11月中旬全国足球输给叙利亚之后,职业联赛却保持沉默。最近,职业联赛的召集人,富力的首席执行官和交易员黄胜华互相讲话,敦促“每个组织尽快履行他们的承诺,并将市场权利移交给市场。”除了富力公司以外,其他11个俱乐部的首席执行官也表示了支持,并共同致函体育总局。媒体将此事件称为“ G12”。由于这种流行病刚刚平静了一阵子的中国足球再次破裂。

"Separation of management and management" has been shouting for many years. Last year, I finally got an eyebrow, but when I hit the door, I was pressed the pause button again. This is the usual style of Chinese football. The impact of the epidemic has made investors anxious and only then initiated a "bus application." Huang Shenghua said that if a professional league is not established, then the ice age of Chinese football is about to come; as long as the professional league has the authority, mechanism and clear rules, then 5 billion to 10 billion revenue is not particularly difficult.


As for whether the Super League can achieve such a considerable income scale after the separation of management and operation, we have no specific calculations and dare not say, but what is certain is that separation is better than no separation. Some friends may think that all problems cannot be pushed up to the system. For example, many people think that the main problem of Chinese football is that the players are too bad and the income is too high. It is true that the problems of Chinese football are complex, but the most critical point is still the system.


Just a simple question. Last season, the jerseys provided by Nike to the Super League teams received much complaints from fans. On the contrary, the players who paid little attention to it were mostly wearing bright jerseys, and there were also Nike products among them. The gap between the Chinese Super League and the Chinese A team is so huge, can it be said that the overall aesthetics of the Chinese Super League clubs is not as good as that of the Chinese League? cant. Can you say that Nike's designers are not good? also can not. The main reason is that the Chinese Super League club’s jersey contract was accepted by the Football Association and turned into a “package” sale. Nike is only responsible to the Football Association. As for the club’s requirements for the style of the jersey, the Football Association and Nike have sufficient reasons to ignore it. Therefore, the players can only "show their ugliness" on the court wearing jerseys with no sense of design.


The beauty and ugliness of the jersey is not a big deal, but what it reflects is the shortcomings of the Football Association in managing the league. Even the small things like the jerseys are done like this, and the big things are definitely not going to be better. The number of foreign aid, U23, various training camps, etc., in these years, almost no policy is not based on harming the interests of the club.


This leads to a very interesting phenomenon: the income from running the Super League is the major part of the total income of the Football Association, and it is the clubs that create the income. It is logical to say that the club that gives the money should be the grandfather, and the football association that receives the money is Grandson, but now the club spends money to find a grandfather for himself, and he is still a grandfather who doesn't care much for his grandson. In the past, investors were able to make money by relying on football, but investors may still be able to bear it. However, the current epidemic has brought considerable losses. Investors are sure that they are anxious. If professional leagues do not implement it and force investors to divest, then some The survival crisis in the first and second teams will soon appear in the Super League.


Therefore, the establishment of a professional league has become a top priority, that is, to clearly understand the generations. The grandfather should be the grandfather and the grandson should be the grandson. As for those turtle grandchildren who are going to take their place, they can only rest where they are cool.


If you want to play together happily, you must have common interests, otherwise, even if the gameplay is strange, there will be no one that can make everyone happy together. The main goal of the Football Association is the performance of the national team, and what the club considers is the performance and income of its own team. If you want to eat in one pot, the premise must be that the strength of both sides is roughly equal, otherwise only one side will eat The meat, the other party drank the soup or even couldn’t even drink the soup.


The pattern of Chinese football belongs to the latter. The football association is worth 10,000 sentences to the club; the club is not necessarily worth 10,000 sentences to the football association. When the interests of both parties conflict, only the club can make concessions. It is difficult to find a solution that takes into account the interests of each other through mutual compromise. Once the power is not restricted, then the decision-making method of the Football Association will be reckless, more and more decisions are made at one stroke, leaving only a lose-lose ending.


What's more, even if the strength of the two parties is roughly equal, the meat in the pot may not be able to divide well. Italy does not implement separation of management and management, but their football association chairman is elected by the club, so when formulating policies, the interests of the club must be considered. But even so, there are many contradictions between Serie A and the Football Association, because at the time of the election, each team in the 4th league of A, B, C, D and D has one vote. Together with the collective votes of the lower leagues, Serie A teams occupy the number of votes. Overwhelming disadvantage, so the Football Association's policy must be inclined to the lower level leagues. At the end of 2018, Serie A also stated that it will become independent.


It is said that the FA, which has been separated from the Premier League for many years, also knows the benefits of the separation of management and management. In the women's football section in its annual report, it also clearly pointed out that letting the women's football league go out is a key task. But if they are really allowed to take charge of the Premier League, they will definitely have to formulate corresponding policies around the interests of the national team. For example, they have been working hard in the past two years to increase the number of "hukou" of Premier League teams to 12. Not less because of similar requirements and the Premier League.


Therefore, this natural conflict of interest determines that it is difficult for the Football Association and the league to pee into the same pot, and it is best not to play together. After all, the club itself knows better what kind of jerseys to wear and how to design league rules to make the game more exciting. As investors, they also know what policies to use to ensure financial fairness. In short, as a direct participant in the league, a policy voted by the club itself is better than one size fits all.


In the current context, it seems dangerous to argue that the Football Association and the league should be separated from each other by using interests. After all, advocating eating eggs and drinking milk can be labeled as flattery, and the separation of management and management may not be labeled as evil. road". In the previous discussion about the separation of management and management, many people also believed that playing for the country is the obligation of clubs and players. They cannot refuse to play for the national team in the name of their own interests. Therefore, professional leagues cannot be independent. Will harm the interests of the national team.


Indeed, playing for the country is the obligation of the club and the players, but chanting slogans is one thing, but how to play is another matter. Those who screamed invulnerability and used flesh and blood to stubbornly squeeze Markqin, except to add chaos to the country, it will not be of any use. There is no contradiction between the separation of management and the work for the country. Britain, the West, and Germany in Western Europe, as well as Japan and South Korea, are all examples of separation of management and management, but the performance of the national team has not been affected. What?


Moreover, the separation of management and management does not necessarily mean that the FA and the Premier League, the Western Football Association and La Liga are as troublesome, and there are many examples of the two sides living in harmony with little participation in business. For example, when the Bundesliga came out of independence at the beginning of this century, it valued the interests of the national team very much. They believed that although the national team and the club would conflict in some matters, in the long run, the interests between the two sides did not conflict. The German team must be regarded as the "19th team" of the Bundesliga. Therefore, after the implementation of the separation of management and management, Germany did not have a detour like England's strong league but the national team was in a recession, and soon came out of the trough.


Even the FA and the Premier League did not delay business due to all-day quarrels. On the contrary, it was the reasoned struggle of the Premier League that allowed the FA to give up the idea of ​​squeezing the Premier League, and instead created a "national DNA" plan, through the all-pervasive community layout, to attract all local talents, not only the national team and national teams at all levels have achieved rapid progress, the Premier League also benefited from this, the outstanding local in the league The players are more and more.


It can be seen that as long as all parties can sit together and talk on an equal footing and fully express their interests, even if the faces are blushing all day long, the efficiency is much better than the superficial harmony and the secretly tearing down each other. In fact, last year, the Secretary-General of the Football Association Liu Yi made it clear that after the establishment of the professional league, it has an equal status with the Football Association and must operate in accordance with market rules, but this pie has not been eaten yet.


According to authoritative media reports, the professional league is stuck and the main problem lies with the Football Association. This time the heads of the 12 clubs submitted a letter to the General Administration of Sports. Unlike the G7 16 years ago, the last time the 7 heads were independent, it was a bottom-up behavior, so it was called the "G7 revolution" by the outside world. Although Yan Shiduo was quite early Passive, but due to the backing of the system, the situation was finally reversed and successfully suppressed. And this time the "G12" is to improve the nature of the petition. The General Administration of Sports is quite supportive of the establishment of a professional league, but the Football Association has been reluctant to take a crucial step because of the damage to the department's interests.

据权威媒体报道,职业联赛陷入困境,主要问题在于足球协会。这次,这12个俱乐部的负责人向体育总局递交了一封信。与16年前的G7不同,这是7个头的最后一次独立,这是自下而上的行为,因此被外界称为“ G7革命”。尽管颜世铎很早就处于被动状态,但是由于制度的支持,这种情况最终得以扭转并得到了成功镇压。而这次的“ G12”是为了改善请愿书的性质。国家体育总局支持建立职业联赛,但是由于损害了该部门的利益,足协不愿采取关键步骤。

If the statement is true, then the professional league seems to have a glimmer of life. The General Administration and the Football Association are only superficially decoupled. If the General Administration supports the Super League, the Football Association will not be able to bear the pressure. But things may not be so optimistic. Even without considering the messy factors, from a purely operational point of view, the Football Association's departure from the Super League does have great difficulties. After the Chinese Super League went out independently, the Football Association can only form a team with the lower-level leagues, except for the national team. The two are the natural cooperative relations.


On the one hand, the low-level league is the main place for young local players to grow, and this is also one of the most important tasks of the Football Association; on the other hand, the survival of the low-level league also depends on the Football Association. Take England as an example. The Football Association organizes events such as "FA Bottle" specifically for small teams every season. The prize money is an important income for small teams. In addition, many small teams are still British football. The general youth training partner organization provides free training to children in the community in accordance with the curriculum designed by the FA, in order to earn training fees from the FA.

一方面,低级联赛是当地年轻球员成长的主要场所,这也是足协最重要的任务之一;另一方面,低级别联赛的生存还取决于足协。以英国为例。足协每个赛季都专门为小型球队举办诸如“ FA Bottle”之类的活动。对于小团队来说,奖金是重要的收入。此外,许多小球队仍是英式足球。青年培训一般合作伙伴组织根据足协设计的课程为社区中的儿童提供免费培训,以便从足协获得培训费。

These tasks require financial support. After the Chinese Super League goes out of independence, the income of the Football Association will be greatly affected. In 2018, the Football Association's operating costs such as staff salaries and property fees alone exceeded 150 million yuan, accounting for 19% of total expenditures. , 18% of total revenue. Even if the General Administration supports the independence of the Super League, the Football Association only needs to put the bill on the table, and the independence of the Super League will be hindered. What's more, even if the Football Association eats the cake of the Chinese Super League, it does not do well in its own part. In terms of community football construction, youth training, low-level leagues, etc., it is difficult for us to find compliments, especially low-level leagues. The league had a widespread survival crisis before the outbreak. In this case, they do not want to easily let go of the Super League.

这些任务需要财务支持。中国超级联赛脱离独立后,足协的收入将受到很大影响。 2018年,足协仅职工工资,物业费等业务费用就超过1.5亿元,占总支出的19%。 ,占总收入的18%。即使总局支持超级联赛的独立性,足协也只需将法案付诸表决,就会阻碍超级联赛的独立性。而且,即使足协吃了中国中超的蛋糕,它本身也做得不好。在社区足球建设,青年训练,低级联赛等方面,我们很难找到称赞,尤其是低级联赛。疫情爆发前,联盟有广泛的生存危机。在这种情况下,他们不想轻易放弃超级联赛。

Even if they can be independent, I am afraid that professional leagues will have to make a lot of concessions, especially the criticized "one-vote veto", which is even more difficult to get rid of. Compromise is a necessary way to achieve a win-win situation, but not everything is the case. Professional leagues have to be cut before they are established, and there must be many sequelae left behind. What the fans will see by then is probably still a professional league with a lot of remnants and weird things.


The survival crisis of China A and China B has erupted, and the current epidemic has magnified the crisis. The investors of China Super League are so eager to apply to the General Administration, which is enough to see the urgency of the situation. Compared with this, things like the national football’s defeat in the World Cup are hardly worth mentioning. If you want to survive, the relevant parties must dispel the little nine in their hearts and give up their own interests. Otherwise, if investors are forced to leave the game, I'm afraid there won't be any chicken feathers left.