Anyone who has been in contact with Yan Ni knows that she is a "big bewilderment."


When she was in military art school, drying clothes was a big problem for Yan Ni. She always couldn't aim at the clothesline above her head, and the clothes were thrown up and down, and she had to wash them several times.


After working, she drove to film by herself, and it was common for her to take the wrong highway junction. Yan Ni, who doesn’t recognize the way, sometimes quarrels with the navigator and asks it: "What's wrong with you? Is it broken or in a bad mood?"

下班后,她独自开车拍摄,走错高速公路的路口很常见。不认识路的Yan Ni有时与导航员争吵并问:“您怎么了?它坏了还是心情不好?”

Hong Jiantao said: "It would be nice to make an appointment with her for dinner. It would be nice to find you during supper time."


But my friend Geng Le described Yan Ni as such a person: crazy about love and crazy about art.


In the National Day file "My Hometown and Me", "The Road Back Home", Yan Ni contributed a touching hometown drama. On the screen, she transformed into an elite e-commerce queen, and under her calm and restrained performance, she is an explosive emotional volcano.


This madness due to the drama may be her "great wisdom behind the confusion"-living in her own world and being the purest kind of actor.


In the whole movie "My Hometown and Me", Yan Feiyan is undoubtedly the most complete female character. The girl who came out of the Mu Us Desert has the perseverance that grew up in a difficult place, and the softness in her heart.

在整部电影《我和我的故乡》中,严飞燕无疑是最完整的女性角色。这位来自Mu Us Desert的女孩有着在艰难的地方成长的毅力和内心的柔软。

Robert McKee once defined in "Story": "The best works not only reveal the truth of the character, but also show the development trajectory or change of the character's nature in the process of telling, whether it becomes better or worse." This change is being Called "Character Arc".

罗伯特·麦基(Robert McKee)在《故事》中曾定义:“最好的作品不仅揭示了角色的真实性,而且在讲述过程是变还是变的过程中,也显示了角色的发展轨迹或角色性质的变化。”此更改称为“字符弧”。

In Yan Ni's performance, we can see a certain arc of Yan Feiyan's role. Her icy outer shell was gradually melting away, and the simple-hearted girl from northern Shaanxi gradually appeared.


At first, Yan Feiyan met Qiao Shulin, the "big money" on the high-speed rail, and she didn't trust her. Faced with Qiao Shulin's excessive enthusiasm, her body turned slightly to the opposite side, showing resistance.


At this time, Yan Ni didn't open her mouth wide when she said her lines, in order to show some kind of "shelf" of bringing a star.


This state of "non-human fireworks" changed when Yan Feiyan got out of the car and walked into the lamb soup stall.


Yan Feiyan smiled for the first time seeing the food in her hometown. She shouted the name of the food excitedly in her hometown dialect. This kind of love for the homeland paved the way for the subsequent outbreak.


When the true side of Qiao Shulin was revealed by the child's speech, she punched Qiao Shulin's chest hard a few times. This childlike action was a particularly simple expression among people in the hometown, and it represented Yan Feiyan's release of guard.


After watching the film, many people said that they were moved by the role of Yan Feiyan.


One of the scenes mentioned the most is when Yan Feiyan returns to Gao's mother's grave. She guards the big tree and looks at her hometown in the distance, crying.


When the scene was filmed for the first time, Yan Ni cried out of control, and even the girl who played the scene could not bear to see her sadness.


Later, Yan Ni told Director Yu Baimei that she would often dream of close relatives in her dreams, but she couldn't reach her.


Deng Chao and Yu Baimei watched the show through the monitor, and talked in the car on the way back: "(Nier) That love is so deep, she is often sucked in. That is a lot of her nostalgia."


Just as Yan Ni said at the Silk Road International Film Festival: "I have been running a dragon game for more than ten years. When I first performed the role of Tong Xiangyu in my hometown dialect, I had my own famous work. This time It is also the first time to perform a Shaanxi woman on the big screen. I want to say that Shaanxi made me."


In this land, there are people she misses and everything she knows well.


Perhaps it is this professional attitude of integrating acting into life that makes "Nice comedy" a style of "moisturizing things silently" and making you cry when you smile.


A line with joy on her face can accurately hit the pain points in the audience's heart, making people feel the helplessness behind the character's smile.


Yu Baimei said that Yan Ni is an experiential actor. Behind the precise and hierarchical performance is her devotion to "prefer yourself and others" on the perceptual level, which is the experience brought to her by the years.


Before interpreting the passage of "The Road to Home", Yan Ni first substituted herself into Yan Feiyan. Yan Feiyan in the play almost formed an intertextual contrast with Yan Ni in reality.


In the plot, Yan Feiyan passed the exam with excellent results and became the pride of her hometown. Yan Ni also walked out of her hometown from Shaanxi, and went through ups and downs, until "a little bit older, there is something that is holding her back."


In 1986, Yan Ni was a female high school student named Yan Kaiyan. At that time, Yan Ni's family moved from the west of the city to the vicinity of the Xi'an Film Studio in the south of the city, and her neighbor's aunt always took her to the movies. Yan Ni realized that in the world of movies, she seemed to be able to fantasize to her heart's content.


A female student named Su Shuang told Yan Ni: "You are very suitable to be an actor, and you should go to the Beijing Film Academy."


At that time, Yan Ni's cheeks hadn't faded from baby fat. She wondered if she could really walk into the glowing screen? But the enthusiastic Su Shuang had been encouraging her, and helped her borrow clothes and shoes, so Yan Ni made up her mind to apply for the exam.


Yan Ni’s performance in cultural subjects has always been among the “low-advanced students”. Primary school mathematics can test more than 60 points, and high school only has 70 points. In a year, in order to fill the gaps in cultural classes, Yan Ni learned her eyesight from more than 100 degrees to more than 400 degrees.


After the three exams, Yan Ni did not receive a notice for taking the cultural course of the Film Academy. She wanted to explore a reason, so she asked the enrolling teacher if she could write a word for her.


The teacher said to her: "Let's study hard." Yan Ni walked out of the entrance of the examination room and instantly felt that the sun was not beautiful.


After returning to school, Su Shuang hoped that Yan Ni would not be overwhelmed by the temporary shock, so she asked Yan Ni to write a note to her classmates: My future dream is to be an actor.


After receiving it, the classmates responded to Yan Ni: You will become a good actor. Yan Ni, who was not very confident about her appearance and talents, hid her dreams of actors in her heart under the encouragement of her partners.


After that, Yan Ni entered the Shaanxi University of Finance and Economics to study business management, but this major was not what she wanted. After listening to Cui Jian's concert in Xi'an, she made a decision that seemed rebellious at the time and dropped out of school to teach herself acting.


At that time, the Lanzhou Military Region Political Department Combat Drama Troupe was recruiting people. Yan Ni heard that she had the opportunity to study at the People's Liberation Army Art Academy after she entered. Her inner impulse was ignited. This time she was serious.


In the examination room, the teacher said that her voice was too small: "We recruited drama actors." Yan Ni suddenly began to recite in a loud voice: "The scenery of the North Country, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow..."


The teacher closed the window and recruited her. Eventually, Yan Ni took root in the TV Art Center of the Air Force Political Department.


The Kongzheng Art Troupe gathered a group of “specialists” for the Spring Festival Gala, such as Yin Tao, Niu Li, Guo Da, etc. Yan Ni didn't think she was the outstanding one, and she ran the trick patiently.


To play the Red Army with only four characters, she will prepare several ways of acting. There was a fall during rehearsal, and she threw herself completely blue.


As a guest pregnant woman, her name could not be found in the performance list. She also felt that it didn't matter, because she could "get the encouragement of Li Baotian, an old drama player."


At that time, Yan Ni faced a small role like her with a kind of resilience. Friends around her felt sorry for her hard work, so they called her "Big Name Yan", hoping to call her Hong.


In 1999, the group started filming the movie "Rooster Crows, Hen Lays Eggs", and comrade Zhou Xiaobin thought she could be the heroine. Yan Ni wanted to fight for herself, so she went to the head of the delegation's office to report: "I want to play the female number one."


The head of the team said: "The female number one is set." Yan Ni said: "I want to play when it is set. I just want to express my inner desire."


In the end, "Rooster Crows, Hen Lay Eggs" won the first TV movie Lily Award, and the heroine is really Yan Ni. Qiaoqiao, a very down-to-earth character, was performed by Yan Ni with a rustic sense of humor.


At that time, Yan Ni was just like the role of Qiaoqiao, and she looked a little silly. But behind this appearance, there is a great wisdom to face life.


Director Shang Jing saw Yan Ni's comedy talent in this movie, and thought she could try a sitcom, so she played a role in "The Story of Cooking Class".


By the time of "Health Express" in 2004, director Shang Jing gave her another surprise, saying that the screenwriter Ning Caishen was writing the book of "Wulin Biography", and there was a role of Tong Xiangyu in it that suits you well.


Yan Ni is still very open, "I will act as the female number one." At that time, she desperately wanted to seize every opportunity, looking forward to the rain like a dehydrated fish.


Yan Ni was experiencing a downturn in her emotions when she was acting "Wulin Story". Yan Ni and Tong Xiangyu, both in and out of the play, reached a true understanding to a certain extent.


In one scene, Tong Xiangyu sat on the roof and muttered something: "Forehead drops the heart, like being cut by thousands of knives at the same time. It hurts after a single cut, and finally it gets scabs again."


Later, Yan Ni sighed that there is no pure comedy. If one does not understand sadness, one will not understand happiness. Yan Ni, who is always carefree, uses acting as an emotional outlet in this way.


After her daughter Yuanyuan grew up, Yan Ni felt more deeply about her mother's emotions.


Yu Baimei still remembers to this day that in a scene in "Before the House and Behind the House" 13 years ago, the mother played by Yan Ni went to school to intercede for her son. She has been very weak until the director said her son is a scumbag. , She broke out suddenly. This instinctive motherhood is inseparable from the experience that life brings her.

余柏梅至今仍记得今天13年前在《房屋前和房屋后》中的一幕,严妮扮演的母亲去学校为儿子求情。她一直很虚弱,直到导演说她儿子很卑鄙。 ,她突然爆发了。这种本能的母亲与生活带给她的经验是分不开的。

In 2013, when she collaborated with Zhang Jiayi on "One Servant, Two Masters", Yan Ni improvised a performance of singing "Beijing Beijing". At that time, she had been wandering in Beijing for a long time, "I love and hate this city."


She put sorrow and joy, and her feelings about the city in her role, and sang aloud on the flyover: "I can feel my existence here. There are so many things that make me nostalgic."


She believes in the role, and the role will in turn become her.


Another thing that Yan Ni has been doing is breaking her comfort zone and broadening her play. She let go of her obsession with the "female number one", and wanted to work hard for her most emotional role and go all out.


Last year's "Two Tigers", Caixia played the role for only 13 minutes, but Yan Ni felt that this role had an attitude, "Life is passive, you are active, and you are the creator of life.


Yan Ni in her life is the brave Caixia. She said: "Sheep won't be tanned in the mountains, and pigs won't be white in the pen. I am me and will live according to my own ideas."


Even if there is not too much exposure, each character must be carefully shaped. "When you play a comedy, you must be generous. When you play a drama, you must be dignified. The audience will always be resonated by a good performance."

即使没有太多的曝光,每个字符也必须精心设计。 “当你表演喜剧时,你必须大方。当你表演戏剧时,你必须有端庄的。表演总是会引起观众的共鸣。”

Yan Ni always remembered her early experience in the theater. At that time, she finished playing the heartthrob "Tong Xiangyu" and was immediately beaten back to the prototype when she returned. She was arranged to be a green leaf in a man's play. She played nine episodes of the play. She was with the pot all day long. When the chief came, she poured water, and then retreated after pouring the water. There was no line.


She finally couldn't help asking the director: "Will I come tomorrow?" The director said: "It depends on whether the pot comes, you come when the pot comes."


These things, Yan Ni has always passed away laughing and joking. Mao Haier said: "Yan Ni is the hardest actress I have ever seen."


Behind the decades of hard work is Yan Ni's self-knowledge and peaceful "female power". She doesn't put too much emphasis on gains and losses, and works hard for everything she deserves.


Yan Ni's role has been constantly changing over the years, and she has also learned a lot of nutrients from it. From the clever "simple", the "style" of Tong Xiangyu, to the "selflessness" of Niu Huahua, to the "affectionateness" of Yan Feiyan, the people in these dramas make Yan Ni more confident and live a more self-confident life.


She also missed movie roles because of her age. At that time, the director felt that Yan Ni was a little older for that role. She bluntly said: "My age is the most beautiful age for a woman."


Facing the market, Yan Ni did not have too much fear and anxiety. "Performing is like a belief to me. I think there will always be bread."

面对市场,严妮没有太多的恐惧和焦虑。 “表现对我来说就像一种信念。我认为总会有面包。”

"We must give young actors some opportunities. If flowers don't become popular, you can't always stand somewhere. If it doesn't suit you, you can't let this character shine." This is Yan Ni, with a confused appearance. But they can see clearly, do not fight or grab.


Perhaps the term "moisturize things silently" is more suitable to describe Yan Ni. People pay more attention to her role than the details of her life. But I don't know when she started to change and grow quietly along with the role.


A few years later, when people think of Yan Ni, they may think "she is a very cute woman". This cuteness has the side of "Tiangong loves simple people", but also has the side of peace and determination.


She once said her wish: "I just want to go forward, through the joys, anger, sorrow, and sadness, to see the spring on the sea and the blooming flowers." The thorns passed by, turbulence. She has waded, and the final scenery will be beautiful.


As the comedy master Chaplin said, life is a tragedy if you look at it with a magnifying glass, but it is comedy if you look at it with a telescope.


Yan Ni, who has been holding a telescope, looked at her life from a distance, and all the sadness became joy.




Author | Fork Shao